Diving Makes Maldives Holidays Even More Exciting

Diving in the Maldives with best price guarantee

Maldives is considered to be one of the world’s most fascinating diving places. Here, guests will be able to get in touch with nature and experience the exotic marine life Maldives has to offer. A Maldives holiday is never complete without a diving tour. While here is the perfect time to take advantage of the exotic marine species such as the coral reefs that makes its marine life a treat to the eyes. Diving will take you to a different world of blue waters and colourful exotic creatures.

Because of Maldive’s unique isolated location, it is the perfect home for a number of unique marine species. Holidays in the Maldives are great if you happen to love diving. The diverse ecosystem that can be seen here is extremely fascinating. Guests can get up close and personal with a number of fish species such as the Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Butterfly fish, and the Trevally’s. A number of interesting creatures such as eels, mantas, and whales can also be seen here, in their natural habitat. The last part of summer up to the entire autumn season is the ideal time to get in touch with the Whale sharks.

Maldives holidays, apart from the usual beach activities, should definitely include an underwater exploration. There is no other place in the world to get to know underwater species better than in Maldives. Diving takes one to a different world—-a world that is both fascinating and wonderful, and one that will remember for a lifetime.

One of the most popular diving tour operators in the area is Maldives Dive Travel. Boasting a number of stylish liveaboard ships, these guys will take you on a water journey you will never forget. With 20 years of experience in the diving tour business, you can be sure that your diving sessions will satisfy your curiosity and feed your desire to learn something new. Rest assured that your diving trips will go smoothly and be filled with excitement. Whether you are spending your holidays to Maldives with a loved one, with friends, or with the entire family, you can be sure that every detail of your tour shall be taken care of. The safaris they offer are highly diverse— it does not matter if it’s your first time or your hundredth.

The key to Maldives Dive Travel’s success is their variety of liveaboard ships. Tastes and preferences vary, and this is something that the company understands very well. There is a liveaboard ship perfect for everyone—no matter what the tastes and budgets are. Here is their selection of liveaboards.

Black Pearl Liveaboard


Cruising at the atolls of the Maldives, the Black Pearl Liveaboard provides the optimum dive spots for its passengers. The ship is run by a couple of Maldivian dive experts so guests can be sure that they are in good hands. Famous for its professional dive tours, the Black Pearl will make your Maldives holiday unforgettable.

With a capacity of 14 guests, this ship has 9 crews to ensure that your entire tour will be smooth sailing. There’s an onboard bar, comfortable recliners, emergency equipment such as medical oxygen and fire extinguishers, as well as TV on board. Guests are provided with life vests for safety. Language spoken on board is English.

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Dream Catcher II Liveaboard

The Dream Catcher II Liveaboard is created in 2008 and boasts plenty of features. It has all the latest fishing equipment, making it perfect for fishing enthusiasts. It has emergency facilities, comfortable recliners, a bar, and a charging station. It also features a power socket in all its rooms.

The language on board is English and it also features a whopping entertainment system. There’s a Wii Box, internet access and HiFi. There are sun recliners, partly roofed decks, and al fresco restaurant as well.

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MV Orion Liveaboard

This brand new liveaboard will make your Maldives holiday extremely luxurious and well spent in style. The MV Orion takes guests to the most fascinating diving sites. There’s a Jacuzzi on board, a library for bookworms, and therapeutic massage services.

Language on board is English and safety is assured with its advanced emergency equipment. There’s also a reliable internet access on board, for those who need to browse something online.

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Nautilus One Liveaboard

The fusion of traditional and modern elements makes Nautilus One an exciting cruise ship that will make your diving tour even more special. German and English briefings are given to the guests. The ship can accommodate up to 14 guests. There are 9 crews on the ship and an extra diving boat for special needs.

There’s a smoke detector, medical oxygen, life vests and fire extinguishers for safety purposes. Guests can choose between a number of decks—-bow decks, sun decks, and covered stern with seating, and stepped stern.

Nautilus Two

Considered as one of the best ships and best diving tour providers in Maldives, this liveaboard will take you on a diving journey you will treasure for a lifetime. There’s a Jacuzzi, a bar, and recliners on board. Language is English, while briefing is done in both German and English, thanks to its Austrian management. The ship can accommodate up to 24 guests.

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Theia Liveaboard

Launched in 2009, the Theia is big enough for 18 guests. Safari experts run this ship, so you can be sure that you are in good company. Elegantly decorated interiors and expert crews will definitely make your stay really great.

Dhoni Stella

Both the Dhoni Stella I & II are well designed ships that combine both the classic and the modern, creating an interesting ambience for its passengers. The ship is big enough for 6 guests and will take you on rare diving spots here in Maldives. Guests will be fascinated with hundreds of marine species they will see at the safari, making their holiday in Maldives more exciting.

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Maldives is the ideal place to take on a diving expedition. Its amicable weather and rich marine life provide guests with the chance to be one with nature and explore a number of interesting species that consider the underwater their home. Maldives Dive Travel Service offers guest an irresistible diving package that will give them the best underwater experience.